Clannad – just about the Best Thing Ever!

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So After Story has finished airing.  Clannad is truly a wonderful story. I read quite a few forum posts criticizing the ‘Clannad magic’ and how everything kind of reset itself and Nagisa survived giving birth to Ushio. I like the Clannad magic; it makes everything in the world right again. So as soon as the episode began I was crying and didn’t stop for about 15 minutes until Fuuko showed up. Fuuko’s cute, but after a while she just got annoying. But her finding Ushio/girl from other world sleeping was nice, especially since they showed that in the opening for the first season. It all fits. Gawd, there are no words to describe how much I love this series.

I’m currently rewatching the whole series from the first season, and, to be honest, I had forgotten how much I really liked the school arc. I also downloaded the game and unofficial english patch. It’s amazing how close the anime followed the game. I’ve only finished Misae-san’s route so far and, of course, I cried at the end. I love Shima-kun, he’s so adorable. Right now I’m working on Tomoyo’s route. I don’t know why but she’s probably my least liked character from the series. I also don’t understand the obsession with Kyou (crazy fanboys don’t hurt me!). My favoite character is, of course, Tomoya; I love that boy so much. T_T

I really want the game to be liscensed so I can play it on my PS2. And when and IF anybody ever does liscense it I want the original japanese voices to be kept and just have the text and such translated. But I know that’s never going to happen. Oh well.

In summary, if you haven’t watched or played Clannad you should, you have to, you must. I insist. You will cry many (manly) tears of sadness and happiness.


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