A Little Slice of Life …yeah.

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So I just bought Final Fantasy X because it was a pretty good deal at Half Price ($10). It seems like it’ll be a pretty good game. Though I’ve only played up ’til the first save point because I wanted to watch some SNL. I have a feeling it’ll be another game I’ll never finish because I get distracted too easily. I should probably be playing it now instead of randomly doing nothing of great importance on the internets, but alas, here I am.

Today was wasted due to my not doing anything proactive at all. I didn’t wake up until 1:00 pm due to lack of sleep. Then I decided to put all the FF soundtrack I downloaded onto my iTunes library. I was only able to upload the FFIX soundtrack. It took too damn long. Four discs worth and organizing the artist name and such AND attaching album artwork to each song (I’m a little crazy about my iTunes being organized), too long my friend. Then I put up some more music and browsed the internet for a few hours. I also got a little manga reading in; caught up on K-ON! and read some random BL.

Tomorrow morning marks the end of my weekend. I’m going to attempt to force myself to study for world history. My final is on Tuesday and the AP exam is on Thursday morning. My teacher is an idiot. He piled all this extra work on us at the last minute. It’s pure bullshit. And I still know nothing about world history, thus I am going to make a 1 on the AP, if I’m lucky, a 2. I used to like history class, but that man made it so much more less interesting. Fuckk.


So yeah, random post is random.


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