Galveston Trip Post 01

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WARNING: Long post & lots of pics.

To sum up the first day of the trip in one word: sleep. The night before I literally got an hour of sleep. So I spent the 5-6 hour drive to Galveston sleeping.

Outside the window of my condo, in other words Galveston Beach.

Same scene later that day.

Went swimming at the beach for at least 3 hours until the sun started to set. Also built a sand castle, which I have no picture of because I do not want to get my camera dirty. After that was shopping at Kroger:

Yes, my camera does suck, but I’m too broke for a new one.

Construction after Hurricane Ike:
Flagship Hotel above the beach:
Pretty palm trees:

We took an hour long tour of the Moody Mansion. The inside is absolutely gorgeous. They’ve kept most of the original furniture. It was built in 1895 and even was able to survive the Great Hurricane Disaster of 1900 and hardly damaged during Hurricane Ike. It is named for the family that lived in it until 1983 or so. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, sadly, but the outside is beautiful too.
Some nice cars inside the garage at Moody Mansion:
Parting view of Moody Mansion:
Lunch at Shrimp-n-Stuff, yumm.

Side view of Flagship Hotel:
Lelouch says hi!

After all that, more swimming at the beach, of course!

When the seakitties cry…

Edit: I just wanted to mention that these and the one in my previous post are probably the first pictures I have ever taken of any of my figures outside the comfort of my room. I feel the credit for this bravery goes to Danny Choo and his wonderful pictures.


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