WonFes 2009 Summer Highlights

2009/07/27 at 02:49 | Posted in figures | 1 Comment
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Wonder Festival 2009 has come to an end, and with that brings a wide range of new figures that need to be bought. It seems that Vocaloid and K-ON! figures are the popular ones this year.

More Vocaloid figures is bad for my wallet.

wonfes 01
wonfes 02


wonfes 03
wonfes 04
wonfes 05
wonfes 06
wonfes 07
wonfes 08
wonfes 09
wonfes 10
Tako Lukas creep me out.

wonfes 12

wonfes 13
wonfes 14
wonfes 15
wonfes 16
wonfes 17
wonfes 18
wonfes 19
wonfes 20
wonfes 21
wonfes 22
wonfes 23

These are my favorites from Artefact’s post at Sankaku Complex. These pictures do not belong to me. I borrowedstole them.

Now what I would actually spend money on would have to be the VN02 Hatsune Miku, the K-ON! nendoroids, and the new Max Factory Hatsune Miku.

Which figure(s) is your favorite and what will you buy?

Edit: Another do-want, but I prefer the cannon version.

black rock shooter alt.


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