figma Miku & Lelouch Photo Shoot

2009/07/28 at 23:06 | Posted in figures | Leave a comment
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S6304221 copy

So I was sitting at my desk and staring at my Miku figma wondering as to how I should spend my time, when a thought came to me: Why not take a picture or two of my lovely little figma. And so, this is the result of that thought. I really needed another light source but I couldn’t find another desk lamp, so bear with the bad lighting.

S6304222 copy
S6304225 copy
S6304226 copy
S6304227 copy
S6304228 copy
S6304229 copy
S6304230 copy
My favorite shot. <3

S6304234 copy
Lelouch wanted to join in on the shoot.

S6304235 copy
S6304237 copy
S6304238 copy
S6304240 copy
S6304244 copy
S6304245 copy
S6304247 copy
Lelouch knows how to sweet talk the ladies. Or maybe he used his geass?

S6304248 copy

This shoot kept me entertained for about an hour and a half. It was quite fun.


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