Endless Eight is Eternal

2009/08/17 at 16:33 | Posted in anime | 2 Comments
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Apparently Aya Hirano, the famed voice actress of Haruhi herself, has apologized to fans for the legendary saga known as ‘Endless Eight’. I was wondering how the seiyuu felt about this and here is my answer. Poor seiyuu.

On another note, Newtype has finally revealed what their mysterious Haruhi announcements were. Upon reading the four announcements, I proceeded to laugh my head off. I wonder what Kadokawa thinks is so interesting about Endless Eight.



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  1. I heard somethig that the series director thinks that Endless Eight the movie is a good idea. Ooog.

    • There has to be something very wrong with that man.

      I liked Endless Eight, but a movie is taking it way past the line of okay.

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