Canaan PVC and Nendoroid Pre-Orders

2009/08/21 at 13:53 | Posted in figures | 3 Comments
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Both the Canaan PVC figure and nendoroid are now available at Hobby Search.

Here is a description via Hobby Search:

Posed in an dynamic pose in the middle of an intense battle, the figure is sculpted to bring out the same feeling that the character designer, TYPE-MOON’s Takashi Takeuchi, put into his designs. The robe that flutters by her side is the same robe seen in the bonus scenario from the game ‘428: Fusasareta Shibuya de’, and the base is designed to be a scenic diorama from the series itself, to truly feel like the figure is within the world of CANAAN.

Canaan is a 1/8 scale made by Good Smile Company and is retailed at 7961 yen with a release date of January 2010.

Canaan nendo
Description via Hobby Search:

Her favorite food – sticks of sugar, as well the backpack she keeps her weapons in are both included as optional accessories, as well as her trusty gun which can be held with both hands to recreate her signature action pose. Three expressions are included – a rather distant expression suited to the quiet Canaan, an expression aroused by the excitement of battle around her, as well as a the feminine smile she always gave her friend Maria.

The Nendoroid Canaan is retailed at 3167 yen with a release in December.

I used Hobby Search’s descriptions because they are better than what I could write, especially since I have not seen Canaan yet. I decided to post about these figures due to the fact that the anime series seems to be pretty popular. This is a separate post from the previous one for the sole purpose of brevity.

Will you be ordering one or both of these? If you are ordering only one, which one?



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  1. I just placed a Nendo order (Miku and Ryougi), and oof was this one tempting. Eventually I decided against it because I haven’t, you know, actually seen Canaan.

    • Lucky. I’ve wanted the Miku nendo for forever now.

      I really need to get a job to afford all the cute nendos and figmas. >_>

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