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2009/08/21 at 13:30 | Posted in figures | 3 Comments
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A few figures of interest have now been made available for pre-order at Hobby Search.

First off is the 1/4 scale Real Arrange 002 Fate/stay night Saber by Daiki Kougyo. She is approximately 37.5 cm tall and comes with two swords (Excalibur & Caliburn) and a base. Saber is retailed at 25,650 yen and is set for a November release.

Yui nendo
Next up is the Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid. She comes with three different facial expressions and of course her guitar and amp. Yui is retailed at 3167 yen and is set for a December release. She is the perfect addition for any K-ON! fan’s collection.

Here we have the 1/8 scale Katsura Kotonoha from Cross Days, the third installation of the School Days franchise. She is retailed at 8531 yen and set for an October release.

Out of this bunch, the only figure I really want is the Yui nendo. She’s just too cute! I have yet to actually see Fate/stay night, but this is quite a pretty figure of Saber. I also do not want the Kotonoha figure mostly because it creeps me out. I never really liked Kotonoha to begin with, I prefer Sekai.

So, which of these will you be pre-ordering, if any?



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  2. “Saber is retailed at 25,650 yen”
    Yeah, no thanks. Besides, I only like toys I can play with.

    I was never really a huge fan of Yui, and I know that if I buy one K-on! nendo, I’m gonna have to buy them all.

    This would certainly be interesting to have sitting on my shelf.

    Good-smile is really stepping up their release sechdule, aren’t they?

    • “I know that if I buy one K-on! nendo, I’m gonna have to buy them all.”
      I have that feeling too. But it’s not like I can actually afford it.

      I like the figures you can play with too. Putting them in different poses and taking pictures is fun. :3
      Though there are quite a few 1/8 scale figures I want.

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