I Really Need A Job…

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As can be read in my About/Contact section, you will know that I am aspiring to be a manga and figure collector. You will also know that I am 16 with a lack of funds for my collection. This post is just to list the things I plan to buy through the end of this year. My figure purchases are really limited and not completely guaranteed that I will order them. The monetary units are guesstimates on how much the item will actually cost. I would also like to note that this post was made mostly to distract me from my summer homework.

August 25 – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol.3 (10 USD)

As August is coming to an end, there really is not much left that I plan to buy. I have already bought some manga released earlier in the month so this is all that is left.

The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya (10 USD)
Kimi ni Todoke Vol.2 (10 USD)
Soul Eater Vol.1 (10 USD)

Luckily, there is not any manga being released in September that I want. My birthday is at the end of September, so I am hoping to get a little cash which will help buy manga in October.

Otomen Vol.4 (10 USD)
Itazura na Kiss Vol.1 (15 USD)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol.4 (10 USD)
Shipping Payment for Miku figma (unknown cost)

I am going to save some of my birthday money to pay for the shipping of the Miku Live Stage ver. figma I ordered in July, and hopefully I’ll have some for this month’s manga.

December – Pandora Hearts Vol.1 (10 USD)

Not completely sure I will buy this.

Unknown Dates
Nendoroid Churuya-san (30+shipping USD)
Nendoroid Petit Senjougahara & Araragi (20+shipping USD)

It is not 100% confirmed that I will order Churuya-san. I really want to, but my money is limited. I am not sure when the Bakemonogatari nendo petits are going to be released, but I will try my hardest to get some money for those. I really want the Arararagi (oops, I stuttered) one; he is so cute! :3

Now to the subject of the title of this post. I would get a job -I really want to get a job- but because of the school I go to it is really hard to balance the amount of homework and a job. So I will have to wait until next summer to get a proper job. Until then I just have to keep bothering mother for some kind of allowance.

tl;dr – Pointless post is pointless.



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  1. “aspiring manga/figure collector”
    Lol, you speak as though its a job. But what am I saying its a way of life. An expenxive one..

    • Hey man, I just tried to make it sound smart. =3=
      ‘I only love two demensionals. All hail otakudom!(ゃ’∀’)ノ’

      And yay, you finally commented on my blog! lol. Mandy.<3

      • Well I couldnt use my wordpress name, I wanted to use a name you’d recognize otherwise Id sound like some random 4chan ass >3<

  2. Nobody really reads my blog though. So I would know it’s you. ;_;
    Even if people do read it, nobody comments.

  3. Aww, I’m sorry. I was going to get around to commenting eventually.

    • That wasn’t aimed at you. You’re really the only person who comments here. And I thank you for that. <3

      I just wish more people would comment if they like something or have an opinion about something. I enjoy reading and replying to comments.

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