Wave Aisaka Taiga & figma Hiiragi Kagami

2009/08/27 at 21:50 | Posted in figures | 3 Comments
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Two more figures available for pre-order~.

taigaFirst we have the 1/8 scale Aisaka Taiga Miss Contest Ver. by Wave. This is a lovely rendition of Toradora!’s star-tsundere, Taiga, which comes with three different adorable facial expressions. Wave’s figures always seem to be of top quality, and this one is definitely added to the list. Any Toradora! fan will love this figure and want it for their collection, especially fans of the flat-chested Taiga.

Taiga is retailed at 7125 yen and we be released sometime late December.

kagamiHere we have the Hiiragi Kagami Summer School Uniform ver. figma. Yet another tsundere, oh my! Kagami comes with the usual three different expressions and different hands, but she also comes with Misao’s head to put on her (or any other) body!

Kagami is retailed at 2261 yen with a release date of October.

Both figures can be pre-ordered at Hobby Search.

I love to get Taiga, but as is the usual case I do not have the money. ;_; I also would not mind owning Kagami if only for the Misao head, but I still need to buy the winter uniform version of the Lucky Star characters.

Will you pre-ordering one or both of these lovely tsunderes?



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  1. God knows Kagami is terribly tempting, but I’ve got about a zillion packages shipping as is, so I better hold off. Maybe.

  2. Screw Kagami, give me Konata

    Though I wouldnt mind owning her because I want the whole crew

    Still need to watch Toradora =_=;

    • At least you have KagaMiku. I don’t even have one Lucky Star figma yet. ;_;

      And watch Toradora!! D:<

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