BECCA with Miku?!

2009/08/31 at 18:26 | Posted in music | 1 Comment
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I found this to be a very interesting song. BECCA, most known for her song “I’m Alive!” used as the first ending theme for the anime Kuroshitsuji, has released a new single featuring Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The single is called SHIBUYA and the CD comes with seven tracks. There are two versions of SHIBUYA; one with both BECCA and Miku and the other with just BECCA. There are also two different remixes of the song with just Miku singing. Also included is a live recorded performance of ‘I’m Alive!’ and a Miku mix of the same song.

This single song, SHIBUYA, is quite catchy and is sung in both English and Japanese. I found that some people did not like the idea of a real person singing with a computer-generated voice synthesizer, but I quite like the idea.

The single is available now (with a DVD for the limited edition) at, retailed at 1700 yen.

What are your thoughts on the subject of a person singing with a program such as Miku?


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  1. Curiously enough, this reminds me of another video I saw way back when, of a girl proving that she could outsing the original Vocaloid program, by having both sing sections of a song and scales (Her success wasn’t much of a feat at all, consider how atrocious the original Vocaloid sounded).

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