Figure Fun

2009/09/13 at 13:19 | Posted in figures | 9 Comments
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New Nendo!Was over at a friend’s house during AnimeFest and decided to take some pictures of our figures. I had a great time playing with her Kagamiku.

Figure Fun
My friend’s Zack. He’s pretty manly, but he need to beware the man-eating penguin! D:

Figure Fun
Figure Fun
Figure Fun
Sensei makes quick appearance! [Friend’s nendo.]

Figure Fun
Gotta love this face. <3

Figure Fun
Leek! D:

Figure Fun
So pretty!

Figure Fun
She’s just too cute!

Figure Fun
I wanted to take her home with me.

Figure Fun
Was testing face compatibility. Didn’t quite fit. Does anyone else find this a bit creepy?

Figure Fun
Sensei certainly did!

Figure Fun
I love my new nendo! :3

Figure Fun
Rin: She’s so pretty…

Figure Fun
She’s thinking of how she’ll mess with Aoki-sensei next. ;)

Figure Fun
Rin’s laughing at the man-eating penguin behind Kagami. Kagami better watch out! D:

Figure Fun
Len makes an appearance!

Figure Fun
Making friends!

Figure Fun
Why are nendoroids so cute?

Figure Fun
Shiraishi. <3

Figure Fun
Rin with Len’s face is just too cute!

I hope you enjoyed those pictures as much as I did taking them! Definitely expect more Rin pictures in the future! Just to make things clear, the figures belonging to my friend are Zack, Kagamiku, and Sensei. The rest are mine.

PS: Sorry about the delay in posting. School has started for me and I do not have time during the week to make posts. So new posts will likely be made on weekends (unless I have time during the week). I’ll tweet as soon as I make a post so be sure you’re following me! I might add some pictures to Flickr every now and then so be sure to keep checking that as well!



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  1. Sadly, none of my Nendo faces are compatible.

    • It would be great if they were all compatible. There would be so much potential for great pictures and fun!

  2. Rin with Len’s face is sweet~ lol.

    • Thanks~
      I love Len’s expression. It’s what made me buy him in the first place.

  3. Holy crap your alive

    Man eating pengiun will EAT YOU.
    Well, at least, he will eat yours and mine figures, but THAT IS JUST AS BAD

  4. Waah! My comment didnt show up! Ok Ill say again,

    Man eating penguin will EAT YOUR FIGURES!!
    ..Oh wait that means doom for mine too…

    • It didn’t show up because I hadn’t approved it yet. It usually automatically approves it, but I guess it was because you changed your name.

      iloveyou. <3

      • the name is actually my account i got two years ago, finally remembered what it was. *FAIL*

      • well then.

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