Cosplay Fun!

2009/12/28 at 23:20 | Posted in figures | 4 Comments
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Cosplay Fun!

Favorite picture out of the bunch. Loved how it came out~

Cosplay Fun!
Cosplay Fun!

Oh Shiraishi, how I love thee. But Hachune is not amused.

Cosplay Fun!

Saihate has to be my favorite out of the set. Her face is just too cute~!

The Vocaloid Puchi set was a Christmas present for myself. The box arrived on my doorstep on Christmas Eve. They’re all so much fun to play with and stare at. I plan to do a full post with all of them sometime soon, hopefully before winter break ends. If you can’t tell, I’m missing a Kaito. I unfortunately didn’t get him in my set. I am heartbroken. ;_; Instead I got 2 Nerus and 2 Lens. So if anyone has a Kaito they don’t want, I’m willing to trade.



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  1. Nice pictures, Shiraishi looks funny in Miku’s clothes XD I really like that first picture too, I think Saihate is my favorite of the batch too. That’s sad that you didn’t get Kaito. Unfortunately I only have a dupe of Meiko. Had I gotten an extra Kaito I’d have gladly traded :/

    • Thanks!

      I’m not going to give up until I get Kaito!

  2. No kaito? D8

  3. I guess its nice but second is better :)

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