Name: mikumin or Katelyn (real name)
Age: 17
Otaku Age: Almost two years now. Though I did watch shows like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Digimon before I even knew what anime was, but I feel those years do not really count towards my otaku years.
Collection: I aim to be a manga and figure collector. I do buy some anime, but not much. I buy the North American releases of manga. My manga collection consists of about 40 volumes and continues to grow almost every week. I buy a lot of my manga at Half Price Bookstore because I am an otaku on a budget. I did not really get into collecting figures until last year. My first figure was my No.16 Mikuru Asahina Nendoroid.

There is, of course, so much more figures and manga (and anime) that I would like to buy and add to my collection, but cannot due to being a seventeen-year-old with no job.

Anyways, I’ll post whatever I feel like on here. This is a blog that relates to whatever my interests happen to be at the moment. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

Other Places You Can Find Me:

If you have suggestions on how I can make my blog better you can comment here or contact me at katelynluvs_u [a] yahoo [dot] com. I may not use your suggestion, but I will read it. I’m always trying to make my blog better, but still keep it my blog.

If you want to do a link exchange email me. If you want a banner for my blog, you can use this one:

Please save on your own server. :)


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  1. uhmm..hi..wanna link exchange?? :3

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